Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 Unique Selling Points (USPs) of VEDALIS?

  • Our aim is to help organizations to deal with their knowledge issues driven by business needs or business strategy. We are seeking to answer the following question: how can we deploy a solution which insures that people get the knowledge they need when they need it to take the right decisions, and deliver the best business result?
  • We provide an integrated and pre-packaged platform which efficiently meets the needs of all the Knowledge Workers:
    • Companies’ business managers or executives,
    • Companies’ key people (experts, engineers, projects managers...),
    • The other stakeholders (Community managers, Knowledge managers, RHs, Talent managers…)
  • We deliver advice & support services which help you to manage the changes required and optimize your investment.


Who needs to use your products?

  • We address any organizations that depends heavily on knowledge and knowhow and wants to explore how best to achieve and maximize a Return On Knowledge.
  • We focus on international & multisite companies, clusters and complex projects. We focus on the industrial and technological sectors such as Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Automotive or Electronics. We also can help marketing-driven organizations.
  • Various business departments or transversal activities may be concerned: sales, marketing, production, R&D, Senior Management, etc.


Is RoK'IT an Enterprise Social Network?

Not really…

There are many Collaborative and  Social Software on the market today. With RoK'IT we provide a unique set of functions to address the Social Knowledge Management (Social KM) segment of the market with a clear focus on helping companies to maximize return on their knowledge, skills & people.

Social platforms are designed to introduce social links thanks to the creation of “virtual coffee machine”, while VEDALIS’ solutions are specifically designed to tackle Knowledge Management issues. Vedalis’ platform also provides some social functions to make connections and develop interactions between peers and experts. More importantly, it:

  • streamlines collaboration;
  • provides people with the knowledge they need when they need it;
  • helps people to find and re-use easily the value-added information; and
  • organizes, coordinates and steers Knowledge Networks.

In short, “Facebook-like” platforms and RoK'IT are different tools for different needs despite superficial similarities. The needs addressed by RoK'IT have or require a higher Return of Knowledge.


How do you compare yourself to solutions like enterprise portals and CMS?

These solutions are a set of generic web tools not “off the shelf” integrated solutions. On the contrary, our solution is a Social KM integrated application ready to use after a quick customisation of parameters for the specific purposes of addressing KM-related business issues.

A lot of our functions are not found in these tools (automatic dissemination, advanced moderation tools, advanced forums...). A typical CMS footprint creates many Intranet sites, which can generate additional disconnected information silos… And, as it is well known, information silos means the death of many KM initiatives because information is dispersed across many repositories.


What tangibles benefits does a company gain from using your platform & consulting services?

Our solutions generate substantial and long term business value:

  • We help companies to build communities of practice, reduce infobesity, breakdown knowledge silos and reduce the costs generated by unproductive information seeking.
  • Our solutions promote sharing effectively. According to a Gartner survey only 1% of users contribute regularly through blog, forums, wikis and other generic tools. This ratio is between 10 to 30 times higher with RoK'IT.
  • RoK'IT reduces the hidden costs thanks to automation and rationalization of processes (no mailing list to manage, less and lighter email, etc.). It helps to raise the productivity of Knowledge Workers by 20-25%.


What is your pricing model?

The initial cost is low because our solution is based on a ready-to-use software. As an illustration, the time and the expenditure needed to get a VEDALIS platform up and running, i.e. including installation, setting, management training, are most frequently less than 1 month and 10 000 euros.

Our pricing model optimizes the ratio results/cost because it is based on the number of users and depends on the chosen components. For indicative purposes only, the financial framework for medium-sized networks of knowledge is a subscription between 10€ to 30€ per user and per month.

Our pricing model is also flexible in terms of choice of subscription or licensing. The overall costs for impelmented solution is relatively low and the investment payback is very short compared to conventional solution which will requires many € and hours of customisation and services to achieve what RoK'IT has been designed for (if ever).


Technically, how does your platform work?

It can be delivered in SaaS mode or installed on a client’s server or used from any client (whatever the browser is : IE, Firefox, Safari…) or a pad. The software is based on standard technology: J2EE, Java, EJB, Javascript, XML, Sql…

RoK'IT can easily deal with a large number of users, domains, files and high volume of data thanks to the performance and robustness of its programming and features.


Can you parameter RoK'IT to our specific requirements?

Yes we can!

Usually we include 2 or 3 days support in all our proposals to set up our solution. There are different types of parameters to set: some related to the look & feel (header, logo, lists display…); some to the functions (processes, workflows …); some to the system (timers…). If required, we can undertake specific development / advanced customization ; e.g., integrate your graphic identity.


How does your solution fit into my existing IT infrastructure?

There are several ways to fit our solution in legacy systems: links in a portal; thanks to inside / outside RSS feeds; widgets; connection with enterprise directory or database; SSO; skills referential…

That’s why, RoK'IT can easily interoperate with widely used tools for enterprise such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections or others CMS leaders.


How do we start? What do we need to do to build a prototype?

We are convinced that a successful project does not only depend on the tool. This is the reason we provide support services to accelerate and facilitate organizational change, launch and roll-out.
For example, we can help to implement a "Start Small and Think Big" strategy  through a pilot phase in order to:

  • Handle the project in all its dimensions: culture, organization, communication, risk and technology ;
  • Focus on your priorities and the core of concerned actors…
  • Minimise the chances of rejection.


I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Email us or tell us your request and a team member will reply as soon as possible!


The Vedalis team thank you for your interest.