VEDALIS' Partners
  • OSEO
  • IBM
  • Blue Channel
  • Knoco
  • Synbea
  • Club Alliances
  • Cognimen
  • CIP
  • Axendo
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vedalis partner program

How to become a partner? VEDALIS is always looking for new great partners to satisfy its clients even better!

Join our Partner Network

According to VEDALIS, partnership only makes sense when it provides our clients with decisive assets.

Service quality and core business skills form the basis for the performance of our solutions, and in consequence of our clients’ satisfaction. We expect the same commitments from our partners as the ones we guarantee our products and clients. That's why a VEDALIS partner is required to:

- Adopt a real expertise position in its market.
- Attend a complete training course to learn about our products.

In collaboration with our partners, we offer complete and effective solutions adapted to your projects...

Reciprocally, VEDALIS has established international partnerships to better meet the needs of its clients:

  • With IBM, through its Partner World program :

    This partnership between IBM and VEDALIS began in 2010 when VEDALIS has been awarded "IBM Advanced Business Partner". This label shows the quality of collaboration between the two companies and the complementarity of our Social KM software with the IBM Collaborative Solution.
  • With Knoco, a consulting firm specialized in Knowledge Management:

    We joined the Knoco network and Knoco joined the VEDALIS partner program in 2011. VEDALIS represents Knoco in France as a franchisee and can thus rely on the firm's methods and experience in Knowledge Management consulting. Furthermore, through this partnership, our customers will benefit from the presence of Knoco local experts in over ten countries - from the United States to the Asia-Pacific...