Experts' Talks
  • Those companies that don’t adapt to understanding knowledge as a force of production more important than land labour and capital, will slowly die, and will never know what killed them".

    Larry Prusak, founder and director of the Institute for Knowledge Management, IBM Corp.

    If only HP knew what it knows it would make three times more profit tomorrow...

    Lew Platt, ex CEO Hewlett Packard .

    The strength of a multinational manufacturing company lies in its ability to exploit a network of knowledge, to spread process innovations and best practices and, ultimately, to create innovative products and services.



Studies of most renowned consulting firms ( PricewaterhouseCoopers , Deloitte, McKinsey, etc.) show that the difficulty of sharing knowledge covers all functional areas of organizations, with harmful consequences on agility, performance, innovation and thus competitiveness!

Our solutions are designed to enable enterprises to organize, capitalize, share and monitor knowledge to create business value:

  • Improve your Performance: better organizational agility , business skills, and decision-making
  • Accelerate Innovation: Better creativity , adaptability, responsiveness to change
  • Enhance Productivity: time and cost savings