Why they chose us

Caroline HERAULT
Caroline Herault,
Constellium HR Project Leader

Constellium (former Alcan Engineered Products) business group has chosen a VEDALIS solution to enable its business communities to share their best practices and capitalize their experience.

Constellium especially appreciates the fact that RoK'IT from Vedalis allows:

- That questions arrive automatically to the relevant experts,

- Multi-indexing of documents to different communities,

- Security and confidentiality.

Françoise Lassalle-Cottin
Kedge Business School Executive Education Manager

The Kedge Business School training organized in partnership with Vedalis provides our participants with a real operational added-value.

The RoK'IT collaborative platform is very user friendly. It enables our people to:

  • Communicate in a structured and fast manner.
  • Accelerate essential new skills learning
  • Stimulate innovation capabilities between managers.

Caroline Lacroix,
IS manager of CapEnergies cluster:

VEDALIS' solution provides total satisfaction to CAPENERGIES and the tool’s possibilities have not even been fully exploited to date.

It allows us a complete removal of communication by e-mail which is much more secure, and dissemination of information is easier and better organized.

Romain Bernes, Constellium Engineer

VEDALIS' tool enables to store and above all to find various contents very easily.

The content multi-indexing is a must-have as it enables the user to not depend on the contributor’s logic. We didn’t find this huge advantage with competitors’ tools!

The direct link with Lotus Notes enables the user to receive only relevant contents without having to constantly watch the tool.

The queries-answers process is very ergonomic and enables an easy and fast access to every experts on a specific topic.


  • Constellium
    Constellium (former ALCAN Engineered Products) is a world leader in the manufacturing of high-quality aluminium products and solutions. Constellium is present in over 60 countries around the world.
  • Nexans is a global expert in cables and cabling systems working in 90  production sites on the 5 continents.
  • Capenergies is a Competitiveness Cluster specialized in Energy generation with no greenhouse gases. Its international objective is to develop R&D and to form industrial partnerships with foreign companies and groups in the field of climate change. Over 400 involved participants representing the pole’s member organizations and partners.
  • Medicen is a cluster for innovative therapies and advanced technologies in healthcare. The cluster covers large firms, research centres, universities, hospitals and economic development parks hosting biotechnology companies in the Paris Region.
  • Synergile is a Guadeloupe pole of competitiveness. Its mission is to develop and promote clean and renewable energy sources, and imagine new technologies favourable to sustainable development. 
  • Euromed Management is an European Business School with a teaching model centred on companies.
  • P+I is an innovative consulting group, which operates as a network of senior consultants and former chiefs operating officers of leading industrial firms in energy, oil and gas, refining and chemical industries.