Leveraging collective knowledge

RoK’IT is the centralized Knowledge Management System designed by VEDALIS to help organizations leverage collective knowledge as a competitive advantage.

As a Social KM platform, RoK’IT combines Knowledge Management functionalities and Collaborative Features, enabling companies to structure, capitalize and manage knowledge and information to generate value.


  • Visibility on human capital
  • Talent identification
  • Collective intelligence
  • Transversality


  • Access to knowledge and experts easily
  • Productivity and individual performance
  • Rise in skills / autonomy
  • Personal recognition
  • Simplification of interactions with others

Community / Network

  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Reduce hidden costs of information processing

Improving operational excellence, performance and productivity.

RoK’IT is a powerful tool designed to improve operational excellence, performance and productivity. The use of RoK’IT generates tremendous cost savings; an average value of € 5,000 per user / year, which guarantees an immediate return on investment.

This value, that we call ROK© for Return On Knowledge, is measurable thanks to advanced monitoring features offered by the Network Analytics module, which distinguishes RoK’IT from traditional Knowledge Management tools but also from Enterprise Social Networks, by enabling a “Disciplined” Collaboration.

The RoK’IT platform is an unified tool compatible with your information system. It integrates all the features you need for a successful Social KM strategy:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Content Management
  • User roles and access rights
  • Dynamic search & Tagging
  • Workflows, versioning and evaluation
  • Performance Monitoring

A tailor made solution based on your profile

Study offices and R&D

Clusters and Innovation Center

Engineering and Industry

Human Ressources and KM

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Plate-forme Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Platform

Knowledge Management Platform – Vedalis Database

Knowledge Management Platform – With Vedalis, you can add value to your organization knowledge by using the RoK’IT platform (Social Knowledge Management). With our technology, you manage knowledge flows by integrating the collaborative dimension.