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Ian FRY,
KNOCO Australia, 2011

RoK'IT is well founded and well designed. It's a complete turnkey solution, which extends the Web 2.0 facilities to support the “Management” part of Knowledge Management.

For instance if we focus on the Q/A feature, RoK'IT not only allows you to add a time frame to the question but it also allows you to track the answer.

This is not available in any other system I have seen, and effectively a “Hit-rate” on searches. Clearly you are able to identify the most valuable as opposed to purely the most frequently accessed documents.

Nicolas NADAL

Nicolas Nadal,
IBM Global Services


RoK'IT is a targeted tool rather than general one. Its focuses, one might say, on “serious” knowledge management issues & problems. Various utilisation examples are:

  • Expert knowledge transfer between generation gaps e.g. retirees and new-hires
  • Elaboration and discussion of technical knowledge and/or management of learning communities, 
  • Expert identification and right contents localisation.


Jens Ojvind NielsenJens Øjvind Nielsen,
CEO Leading Capacity Aps, 2012

RoK'IT is a comprehensive and flexible solution. It enables:

  • full-blown support for Q&A,
  • same for access to information in any form and to colleagues via integration to employee and skill databases,
  • integration to corporate databases and portals,
  • unlimited topics facility and in a structured form,
  • management of rights to use and see information,
  • secure operation in the sky,
  • possibility of having the solution installed in own IT-infrastructure,
  • flexible user interface,
  • governance statistics of all kinds...


RoK'IT is the centralized Knowledge Management System designed by VEDALIS to help organizations leveraging collective knowledge as a competitive advantage.

As a Social KM platform, RoK'IT combines Knowledge Management functionalities and Collaborative Features, enabling companies to structure, capitalize and manage knowledge and information to generate value.

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RoK'IT is a powerful tool designed to improve operational excellence, performance and productivity. The use of RoK'IT generates tremendous cost savings; an average value of € 5,000 per user / year, which guarantees an immediate return on investment.

This value, that we call ROK© for Return On Knowledge, is measurable thanks to advanced monitoring features offered by the Network Analytics module, which distinguishes RoK'IT from traditional Knowledge Management tools but also from Enterprise Social Networks, by enabling a "Disciplined" Collaboration.

The RoK'IT platform is an unified tool compatible with your information system. It integrates all the features you need for a successful Social KM strategy:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Content Management
  • User roles and access rights
  • Dynamic search & Tagging
  • Workflows, versioning and evaluation
  • Performance Monitoring...