Is your organization T-Shaped* ?

*T-shaped management: Cross-functional management model that promotes sharing and knowledge transfer at all levels of the organization (the horizontal bar of the T), while promoting individual expertise (the vertical bar of the T).

Companies that adopt a T-Shaped management reap many benefits. The more an organization approaches this management model, the more it is able to:

  • identify, capitalize and disseminate knowledge,
  • foster collaboration,
  • facilitate problem solving...

How do you start a T-Shaped diagnosis of your organization:

Think about the mode of operation and practices of your organization in assessing the situation with regard to four themes that are available in the following questionnaires.

Answer questions by selecting "not at all", "not really", "rather", "yes" or "quite".

Then click the "Results" button to identify your strengths and the areas for improvement.

Discover how we can help you move towards the T-Shaped management:

A free initiative and structured on the use of knowledge and expertise can deliver results quite quickly and conclusively for improved productivity and innovation capacities of an organization.

VEDALIS can help you design and implement an appropriate and effective action plan which will generate tangible benefits and a rapid ROI.

1. Environment

  • Does your company value "taking initiatives"?

  • The valuation of talent is a key value within your company (for example, cost control, quality or innovation)?

  • Is your organistaion transversal?

  • Are there any "CoP" (Communities of practice, cross-site teams, etc..) within your organization?

2. Accesibility

3. Dynamic

4. Animation / Control (Steering)