Monitor the expertise in your organisation with Network Analytics!

Network Analytics™ is an analysis tool that can effectively monitor your organization's internal networks (communities of practice, expert networks, Enterprise Social Networks, etc.)

Network Analytics™ helps to answer critical questions facing organizations in terms of Knowledge Management:

  • Who are the experts in our key focus areas?
  • What are the topics for which we lack expertise?
  • How can we prevent our company from a loss of critical knowledge if turnover or retirements of employees?
  • How are we disseminating knowledge in our organization?...

This module is tailored to analyze and visualize interactions and relationships between people and key business topics in order to track and manage your knowledge networks. It enables you to:

  • identify key people and mobilize their knowledge,
  • preserve, maintain and reuse critical knowledge,
  • capitalize on experience

Network Analytics™ is a powerful tool easy to use through intuitive graphical user interfaces.

To learn more about Network Analytics, you can watch this video (in French with English subtitles) or contact us.