As a french pioneer of Social Knowledge Management and a subsidiary of the international group BASSETTI, VEDALIS provides concrete solutions to organizations wishing to better value their intangible capital.

VEDALIS offers specialized Intranet/Extranet solutions; because well-adapted digital technologies can organize effective knowledge networks, boost interactions while making individual and collective value creation more tangible. As well as fights against large amounts of information that has a negative or no effect at all on people (infobesity). Our different software offers are based on the Return of Knowledge (RoK’IT™) technology platform developed by VEDALIS for more than 10 years.

VEDALIS offers support services; because successfully launching and anchoring a network of knowledge in the long term often involves driving change in different dimensions (management, behavior, practices, etc.). VEDALIS’ Accelerate RoK© offers help to carry out these transformations and to deal with the resistance that can arise within the framework of a systemic approach and by relying on ad hoc methodological tools.