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January 2019

The intelligent directory key of a learning organization

By | Immaterial capital

An intelligent directory makes it possible to go beyond the stage of administrative identification (“Who does what?“) and facilitates the identification of people with relevant skills and knowledge (“Who knows what?“).

These topics are particularly important in the context of large groups or projects where employees have the greatest difficulty in getting to know each other well.

RoK’IT™ Smart Directory is an intelligent, flexible, customizable and fast implementation directory. It is an effective and economical solution to put people at the centre of the system, empower them and give them autonomy. It is also a key asset in talent management by providing dynamic maps of available skills and knowledge.


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A new Version of RoK’IT™

By | VEDALIS news

RoK’IT™ is a Social Knowledge Management software platform that organizes dynamic, regulated and value-creating knowledge networks at the individual and collective level.

RoK’IT™ is also a decision support software with a set of monitoring tools and indicators that is unique on the market.

Its new version improves the user experience with completely revised interfaces and easier navigation. It also innovates with completely original incentive features such as the automatic suggestion of content according to the context of use.

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