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When an employee leaves, the company loses part of its memory.

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« When an employee leaves a company, part of the knowledge goes away. How can we save these precious assets from oblivion? Knowledge management is a way forward. »

« Trade secrets, of course, but also special know-how or informal processes, these elements that are part of the company’s memory are all essential assets for the business. Yet, as they look to the future and the desired or expected results, some societies sometimes forget their past. And, with more than 150,000 retirements each year, they are affected by the potential loss of their memory. A problem that can have real consequences: thus, twenty years apart, a famous oil company has explored – and made no progress – twice in the same place. “And this is simply because his studies were not indexed,” comments Laurent Bouvier-Ajam, associate director of Ourouk, an information management consulting firm. Hence the importance of identifying and sharing all the company’s knowledge. »

« In fact, technical expertise is not limited to documents but is also found in the minds of experts who are not always identified as such. They are often field workers, engineers or technicians. It is therefore with them that we must reflect on the best way to share their experience. This is how the option of creating a base of “questions-solutions”, enriched as needs change, can emerge. It will nevertheless involve changing a corporate culture based on oral exchanges towards formalization via IT. This is the only way to capitalize on them. »

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