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Case study: Knowledge management and operational excellence in the industry

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In this Business Case “Knowledge Management and Operational Excellence in Industry”, VEDALIS discusses the positive effects of creating communities of practice in a metal products manufacturing group – lower costs, improved quality, reduced operational risks… -. All this is assessed by monitoring the synthetic rate of return of the installations.

In an increasingly competitive environment, it is tempting to take drastic measures to control costs. However, it is widely recognized that, in the medium/long term, the companies best equipped to adapt to change and improve profitability must apply a more nuanced policy based on the enhancement of their knowledge capital. As Francis Mer, President of the Condorcet Foundation and great industrial captain, states, “the company’s primary capital will no longer be its technology, machines or procedures alone, but its employees with their individual and collective ability to make the organization evolve and better satisfy customers”.

This is shown by the analysis proposed in this document based on real cases. Relying on the hidden knowledge and talents of its employees and, thanks to digital technology, revealing and enhancing them throughout the organization is a winning choice for sustainable competitiveness.

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