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Information management remains a problem for many companies

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David Roe, in his article “Information Management Remains a Problem for Many Enterprises”, highlights how bad information management is a serious problem for many companies and their employees.

To do this, he relies on the 2019 M-Files report, which shows that 82% of respondents say that their difficulties in finding the correct version of a file they are looking for negatively affects their productivity.

According to him, the origins of the problem are of several kinds. First, many organizations store information using outdated hierarchical file structures on various disparate and often non-integrated systems. Second, organizations resist change and do not question themselves sufficiently. Finally, technology is not properly accessible to employees and, as a result, does not allow them to realize their full human potential.

In response, he advocates for improving the situation by using a range of tools to address specific areas, focusing on the processes of capturing, qualifying and intelligently classifying information and knowledge, and investing time and resources in the short term to achieve positive results in the future.

Source: CMS Wire, “Information Management Remains a Problem for Many Enterprises” by David Roe, 22/02/2019

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