Immaterial capital

The shift of skills in insurance

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According to economist Jean-Marc Vittori, the insurance industry will change like it never has before, with new competition, new skills, and new requirements. The reasons given? The explosion in the number of data to be processed in depth and the need to “get in touch (even virtually) with the customer to support him in the prevention and no longer only after a disaster”. He considers this to be a “formidable human resources challenge”.

From our point of view, decompartmentalization of the professions of salesman, attorney, and technical expert, as well as greater fluidity of exchanges and sharing of information are major areas of transformation to adapt to this new situation and be competitive on the commercial insurance, home insurance and health insurance markets that Gafa will attempt to invest as brokers.

Source: Jean-Marc Vittori, “Comment le numérique bouscule l’assurance”, Les Echos, 22/02/2019