Immaterial capital

Valuing immaterial capital: WHY? HOW?

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Leader on the Social Knowledge Management market, VEDALIS is a subsidiary of the BASSETTI group which offers software solutions, diagnostic and consulting services to support companies in the management of their knowledge networks. Its mission: « To transform talent and knowledge into sustainable competitive advantages».

For more than 1 out of 2 business leaders (source: DELOITTE barometer), the human factor is the main lever for improving competitiveness. And this large part linked to the human element raises the challenge of bringing together, at best, all the immaterial capital of employees. Beyond individual knowledge or organisational practices, the structuring of this immaterial capital makes it possible to: :

  • Reducing the risk of “organizational memory loss”, affecting companies with high turnover;
  • Improving productivity, considering that knowledge workers spend almost half of their time looking for relevant information;

« If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.” Lew Platt – HP Chief Executive


So, in order to assess access to information among collaborators, it is important to estimate immaterial capital by dissociating human resources and good practices. Then by mapping the “connoisseurs”, it will be easier to ensure the traceability of information and share its distribution.

That is why VEDALIS offers its software and support services, to enhance companies’ knowledge capital and create value by improving productivity through the implementation of a simple, dynamic and structured method.

To this end, come and discover our webinar: “Valuing immaterial capital: Why and how? “on Thursday, September 20, 2018, at 11 am: :

The company’s primary capital will no longer be its technology, machines or procedures alone, but its employees with their individual and collective ability to develop the organization and better satisfy customers.” Francis Mer – President of the Condorcet Foundation